Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dr Bob's Medical News Aug 20004

Learn if medical factoring can help you grow your medical factoring company.

Medical supply companies in general are very profitable enterprises. However, most medical supply companies operate on a very tight cash flow. Unfortunately, the challenging billing procedures and slow payment cycles of insurance companies, HMOs and Medicare/Medicaid create a situation where many companies wait 30 to 60 days before getting paid. Cash flow can get even tighter if the...

Hi > Medical-News-For-You Hi It's Dr Bob with your latest and up to date newsletter. Table of Contents Warning on Salmon - another toxin Strept Vaccine - hope for the future Mom's Influence on their Children As Adults Breast Cancer - more is known -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning...
Why Proper Coding is so Important to Medical Billing
Correct coding is the essence of proper medical billing. Without correct coding, claims would never be paid. There are several ways to ensure your medical billing claims always get sent with accurate information.
One way to ensure your practice has correct medical billing is to make sure you...
At one time, only a few such as the self employed really had
to know much about selecting medical insurance because for
many years, the majority of the working population was
working in "employee" status and Medical Insurance was a
company benefit, and one that had very few choices involved.

Today that benefit is either disappearing or...

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