Monday, November 20, 2006

Medical Podcasting : Changing the Delivery of Medical Information

The following information is crucial to the success of any
medical billing office. Doctors simply do not pay enough
attention to the admission/information gathering process.
Receiving maximum reimbursement for your procedures is
important; however one mistake in any of the following nine
areas could result in NO payment whatsoever!

The biggest mistake I have experienced in over 15 years as the
owner of a successful medical billing service, is the almost

Medical Tourism is a new concept whereby people travel to mainly developing countries for medical treatment in order to save costs, get treatment without waiting lists and furthermore, to incorporate a holiday without incurring very high costs.
India is one of the leading destinations for most patients travelling from developed countries like...
Medical casting is a big step towards the evolution of on-demand
medical information delivery, making it accessible, informative,
useful and appealing. This mix presents the medical industry
with a very unique opportunity to reach its community through
this new medium

"Medcasting" is the commercial application of podcasting for

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