Monday, October 23, 2006

Medical Transcription As A Home Business

The medical courier service is a very profitable addition for a
courier company, however the deadlines are often extremely tight
and the deliveries often require high insurance premiums. A
solid account with a hospital or private health service company
can create leads into other areas, such as document delivery and
intra office mail services...
The medical transcription industry continues to grow. As the need for individuals in this field keeps growing, the options for working at home also grow. Starting a medical transcription home business is a good area to start in if you would like to work at home and receive the same pay you would if you were in the office. There are a couple of...
Copyright 2005 Terry McDermott Scrubs! While the name may connote basic hygiene the apparel itself can perform a function beyond simple cleanliness. Basically, when you work in a hospital environment, what you wear says that you care. Colorful medical scrubs are now prevalent in many medical facilities and help to create an atmosphere of...

Medical Tourism saves you Money, but Which Country is Best?
Increasingly, people from the industrialized countries of the world are seeking out places where they can both enjoy a vacation and obtain medical treatment at a lower price, than in their country of residence.
Medical tourists are increasing in numbers, but which country is best for medical tourism?

Medical Tours to India
For medical tourism, India is a relative newcomer, but recent estimates indicate that the number of...

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