Sunday, October 22, 2006

Medical Coding: The Real Story

Medical imaging systems are requiring higher bandwidth. With the
emphasis on real-time performance and higher resolutions, the
amount of data processing needed may soon reach staggering
levels. Using input sensors to receive large amounts of
information along with digital signal processors (DSPs) to turn
that analog input into digital data,...
You are likely to see advertisements for medical coding done on
the web. Many claim that you can make a lot of money from home
doing medical coding. All you need to do is purchase the medical
coding software, information, or training and you will be well
on your way. This is not a good opportunity to take in many
cases. There are several...
Medical casting is a big step towards the evolution of on-demand
medical information delivery, making it accessible, informative,
useful and appealing. This mix presents the medical industry
with a very unique opportunity to reach its community through
this new medium

"Medcasting" is the commercial application of podcasting for

The Best Medical Job Search Tips Ever

In 2003, many work agencies had seen noteworthy increases in the
number of medical-related jobs and those that fall under the
health care services.

The demand for these positions is, in fact, consistently growing
because there were also notable increases in medicine and health
care-related job searches. It reported a total of 3.5 million
searches just in the Internet and a particular web site alone.

Finding a job in the medical field can...

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