Sunday, July 23, 2006

Does Your Acne Require Medical Treatment?

Treatment Of Toe Nail Fungus Medical Care: Several years ago the medical management of OM was limited to topical therapy and 2 unreliable systemic drugs: griseofulvin and ketoconazole. Topical therapy is beneficial only for mild cases involving the very distal nail plate. The use of griseofulvin and ketoconazole is plagued by high relapse rates (70-85%), prolonged treatment regimens (10-18 mo for toenails), constant laboratory monitoring, and numerous adverse effects. The introduction of...

Acne is the horrible nightmare for many people. Acne does not discriminate, not matter what your age. When you have an acne outbreak, it is often then that you decide to get acne treatment. Sometimes it feels it can feel like you have spent a lot of money buying treatments that don’t work. And you are left bitterly disappointed by the lack of...
When planning for your Caribbean vacation, one could easily to
get carried away in the excitement and thrills of your upcoming
trip. But before you embark on your dream vacation, take a few
minutes to consider the possibility of medical emergency
situations that could arise during your trip to the Caribbean.

No one wants to think...
Give or take a few thousand, approximately 80,000 people in the
United States die each and every year at the hands of medical

Medical malpractice is rampant in this country and it isn't
receiving the kind of press it deserves.

Consider this. If you run the numbers, 80,000 deaths a year is
the equivalent of three...

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