Thursday, July 20, 2006

Breakthroughs in medical plastics: Copolyester barrier films and breathable TPE films

Digital technology now makes Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging available to all. There now is a completely safe test that can aid in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring with absolutely no risk or radiation exposure.
DITI, or digital infrared thermal imaging, is a noninvasive diagnostic test that allows a health practitioner to see and measure changes in skin surface temperature. An infrared scanning camera translates infrared radiation emitted from the skin surface and records them on a color...

This article provides useful, detailed information about Medical Alert Services.

Certain companies provide Medical Alert Services not only to senior citizens, but also to persons of all ages who suffer from critical medical conditions which may deteriorate suddenly and necessitate an SOS for immediate help. It may...
A well known film producer of medical films has selected a
copolyester to produce films that have better barrier properties
as well as better clarity. Tekniflex PGA and PGOA films are
based on multi-layer lamination constructions and used in
blister packaging applications for medical devices or drug
product/device combinations. Besides,...

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