Thursday, July 06, 2006

Private medical insurance - what's it all about?

MALE OR FEMALE OCCUPATION? Study after study demonstrates that misconceptions about men in the medical assistant profession still abound. A study held in June 2003 revealed that male students made up less than 10 percent in courses offering medical assisting training! Despite of their interest in the profession men have historically been discouraged and frequently denied access to medical assisting education and entry into the workforce. WHERE ARE THE MEN? Although when asked men agree...

Quite often you feel that an ad for life insurance no medical exam is trying to rip you off. However, it is possible to get life insurance no medical exam when you shop online for your life insurance needs. It is only a click away on a computer, but you really do need to check to see if life insurance without having to visit a medical doctor...
The origin of private medical insurance goes back a long way -
before the NHS was formed. In pre-NHS days, people contributed
to "friendly societies", which provided financial assistance to
people in times of need. Some private medical insurance
providers, such as BUPA, remain non-profit-distributing bodies,
though there are also many...
Men and women serving in the military forces may be deployed
overseas to a variety of training or reserve areas, or they may
even be sent for active duty to a battle zone. The commanding
officers will issue orders to provide these service personnel
with all needed gear and supplies. A military medical kit is
part of the official equipment...

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