Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Medical receivables Factoring: A tool to Finance your Medical Office

Give or take a few thousand, approximately 80,000 people in the
United States die each and every year at the hands of medical

Medical malpractice is rampant in this country and it isn't
receiving the kind of press it deserves.

Consider this. If you run the numbers, 80,000 deaths a year is
the equivalent of three fully packed jumbo jets nose diving into
the ground with no survivors, every week.

How long would it take for you to realize you need to find...

The scrubs are of the finest quality and the medical uniforms in
brighter whites with the nursing scrubs being wrinkle resistant.

The nursing uniforms have superior color retention built in and
the lab coats feature with an excellent finish The scrubs and
the medical uniforms are available in various size and pattern.
All the medical...
Regardless of what industry pundits say, opening a medical
practice can be both very rewarding and very lucrative. Of
course, as with any business, medical offices have their own
specific financial challenges. One of the biggest challenges for
medical practices of all sizes is adjusting to the long payment
cycles of private insurance...

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