Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Primer On Finding and Selecting Medical Insurance

Alonso calls me every week, Wednesday at 10 am. Well, actually I call him most of the time, because he forgets. And the reason he’s home at 10 am is because he can’t hold a job. He couldn’t show up on time, remember what he was supposed to do, or finish a task without supervision. He and I are working on strategies to help him self-organize which bring success, and then better self-esteem and more confidence. Alonso (not his real name) is 26 years old, has ADHD, and I’m his coach.


At one time, only a few such as the self employed really had
to know much about selecting medical insurance because for
many years, the majority of the working population was
working in "employee" status and Medical Insurance was a
company benefit, and one that had very few choices involved.

Today that benefit is either disappearing or...
(ARA) - As someone’s sight diminishes, so does the ability to fully experience some of life’s richest moments -- a grandchild learning to ride a bike, for example, or any number of nature’s visual wonders. Furthermore, when people go blind, they face loss of independence and are more likely to suffer from depression. Glaucoma, a leading...

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