Friday, June 23, 2006

Medical Negligence Claim - Has Your Well-Being Been Affected?

Hurry up and wait. If you own a pharmacy that is billing private insurance companies, HMO’s and Medicare/Medicaid you know the meaning of that phrase very well. Hurry up and wait is what happens after you submit client claims for payment. You wait 30, 60 and sometimes 90 days before you get paid. In the meantime, you still need to pay rent, meet payroll and pay your suppliers. Paying them on time is critical for the success of your business. So, what can you do if you cannot afford to wait...

Historically, courts in England and Wales have been very
reluctant to find in favour of a plaintiff in any medical
negligence claim brought against hospitals or local

Thus, in order to determine whether or not you have a claim for
medical negligence, it is essential that you seek the advice of
a medical negligence...
As an addition to medication, psychosocial treatments-including certain forms of psychotherapy (or "talk" therapy) are helpful in providing support, education, and guidance to people with bipolar disorder and their families. Studies have shown that psychosocial interventions can lead to increased mood stability, fewer hospitalizations, and...

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